15 May 2020

Machine Learning Development Environment

Problem Statement

When a diverse group of employees works on a common machine learning task, onboarding is expensive if each members has individually install and configure software libraries on their workspace. The result is often that the development environmnets have different configurations, such as different version of the same library. Or some team members have difficulties installing libraries which can be very time consuming to resolve. As a consequence the same code may not run on other workspace due to different development environments.

Project Approach

Having a browser-based development environment, each team member can access his oder her unique account, having all needed libraries preinstalled. All team members are guaranteed to work with the exact same development environment which avoind conflicts and tedious installations and updates can be centrally managed. The plattform is professionally managed and provides all needed ressources. Even project documents can be shared via the plattform.

Service for the IHK Stuttgart

Palaimon provided an online, browser-based development environment for over 30 course participants for the course duration including onboarding and access managament of the users. No installations or maintenace for the course participants and instructor were necessary.

“Working with the pre-configured environment from Palaimon saved a lot of time” - a course participant”

Project Details

IHK Stuttgart

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