Palaimon GmbH

Advanced Analytics for Process Automation & Decision Optimization under Uncertainty

Process & Decision Optimization

A very high degree of uncertainty makes research and product development notoriously difficult to manage. Executing a development plan or research agenda under clear time and budget constraints is a challenge for standard waterfall and agile techniques alike.

We belief that such external constraints foster creative problem solving and help to focus on what matters most. This is exactly the setting that allows us to take full advantage of our experience in scientific research, designing and conducting experiments and implementing effective software solutions.

At Palaimon, we participate in academic and industry collaborations where we ensure that outcomes are relevant for practical applications. These collaborations allow us to jumpstart new projects and directly guide and transfer our research projects towards industry applications.

We have developed the Effective Engineering Solution Process to effectively manage unique RnD projects with high uncertainty.

We are also strong believers in open source software (OSS). OSS not only greatly simplifies reproducible research but also brings great commercial value through cooperative development.

That’s why we participate in conferences and publish our own OSS. If that sounds exciting to you, take a look at our projects.

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