Effective Engineering Solution (E2S) process

RnD projects are characterized by very high uncertainty regarding technical feasibility and the identification of high impact areas with respect to key business goals.

Keeping research and product development projects in time and budget is notoriously difficult. It is not unusual that RnD projects can be delayed by many years. Neither waterfall nor agile methods such as scrum can be directly applied to such complex projects.

At Palaimon, we have developed the effective engineering solutions (E2S) process that combines extensive research experience as well as commercial, solution-driven project steering and that has proven itself in many projects.

The key aspects of our E2S process are:

  • A pre-project phase, the DataLab, establishes the technical feasibility and provides the foundation for a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Based on the results of the DataLab, an MVP is build using our iterative process followed by the Deployment and Operation phase.
  • Work itself is conducted in strictly time-boxed iterations.
  • Project priorities are actively managed using the MoSCoW method. The key to project success is an active and continuous re-prioritization of project features.

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