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Automatic Road Condition Detection – ARC-D

The research project with Palaimon on automatic road condition detection "ARC-D" addresses the complex topic of digitization of the road environment, which ideally complements our technology and innovation interests - S. Schulz, Hessen Mobil Read More

Wildlife Urban Interface Area Monitoring - WUI

Prototyping of a highly specialized information service that used Big Data from remote sensing sources in combination with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods running in the cloud. Read More

Open Source Video Annotation Tool - OS-VAT

Environmental and behavioral quantification based on video data are becoming more widely and cost-effectively applicable due to advances in Deep Learning. One of the main barriers to adoption of the new technologies is the difficulty of providing sample data of sufficient quality and quantity for machine learning techniques. This project makes expert annotation of videos more efficient. By focusing on example data from the traffic and urban domain, it will especially support measures in traffic and urban planning e.g. for cyclists, e-scooters and pedestrians etc. Read More

Machine Learning Development Environment

Palaimon supported us in our WorkCamp Machine Learning with a preconfigured Development Environment that made it easy for all participants to directly work on the course materials without having to install anything by themselves - R. Rank, IHK Suttgart Read More

Wildlife Animal Categorization

Foto traps are an inportant information source for wildlife protection efforts. These cameras take thousands of pictures of wildlife animals that need to be categorized. Due to the huge amount of images, this is a very time-consuming manual process. Deep-learning-based, automatic image categorization is the project goal. Read More

Up-to-date COVID-19 counts -

Automated, high-resolution and up-to-date data collection of regional COVID-19 case counts. Data was requested from regional crisis managent teams for planning purposes. Read More