Privacy Policy






  1. Personal data Personal data means information about factual or personal circumstances of a specific or definable person. This includes for example your name, your telephone number and your email address. We collect and process your data for contact inquiries at “CONTACT US” to answer your questions.

  2. Data storage When you have given us your consent, we use this data as well as data from details of interest, website visits and information requests according to your details or via cookies for our market research and suitable advertising information tailored to you (e.g. overlay of offers when visiting our website, advertisement by mail – no calls, faxes or emails without your separate consent – no data transfer).

  3. Cancellation and right of objection Of course, when a newsletter or other type of advertising is sent out, you can object to any further use of your data for advertising purposes – including where this is permitted by law without your consent – or you can withdraw consent given by an informal notice to us, in particular you can stop further newsletter deliveries. Simply send your objection or cancellation using one of the contact options at the end of this notification.

II. DATA PROTECTION When contacting us, your personal data is transferred safely by encryption. We operate with the SSL coding system (Secure Socket Layer). We secure our website and other systems by technical and organisational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification and distribution of your data by unauthorised people.

III. YOUR RIGHTS You have a right of objection against the use of data for ADVERTISING PURPOSES and against the creation of USER PROFILES in the event pseudonyms are used.

According to the Federal Data Protection Act, you have, among others, a right to free information about your data stored by us and, where applicable, a right to correction, blockage or deletion of data. For questions about the collection, processing or use of personal data, for information, correction, blockage or deletion of data, please contact us using the contact details provided at the end of this text.

IV. YOUR CONSENT You have also given us your consent to contact you for advertising purposes or for certain uses of your data (such as for the newsletter). If you have given us your consent, we save your consent texts and can retrieve them. For retrieval, simply contact We will then send you the desired information by email.

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