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We support your Machine Learning project along the way. Be it Cloud Services, Compute Power, Data Annotation or your preconfigured Machine Learning Development Environment!

Statistical, mathematical modeling

That’s our DNA. What can we do for your project?

Scale ML-Projects

You infrequently want to run large-scale ML-experiments? We can help you quickly to scale compute ressources for your specific project.

>> Learn more: Projekt Wildlife Categorization with TU Berlin
Data Handling & Visualization

You need to combine information from various sources? We collect data, extract information and generate interactive infografics, dashboards and maps.

>> Discover: Interactive Map Corona-Live.de
Data Annotation

Insufficient labeled data is the main bottleneck in many real world ML-projects. We help you to make more out of your data & to create new labels where appropriate.

>> Discover: Our annotation framework ipyannotator
ML-Development Environment

You want to allow more people to interact with your ML tasks? A preconfigured, browser-based Development Environment lowers the entry bar for all team members.

>> Find out about our Service for IHK Suttgart